Novemeber 23rd-24th Virtual Day

    Well hello again! Welcome to 4th Grade Virtual Day! You've got your Virtual Day packet and this website to help you out. Be sure to follow all of the instructions and leave nothing blank in the packet. There are some cool videos, games, and songs on this page. Whenever you see blue, underlined words, you need to click on it to go to the link you need ALSO, don't forget to take the survey at the end of each class!

be a man homework GIF
Here is your checklist of what subjects you need to complete for our class 
  • Math
  • ELA (Grammar, Reading, and Writing)
  • Science
  • Bible 
  • Espa ñol

    That's all for Virtual Day!

Nicely done, 4th Grader! Now go rest, run around, be free.

                                    good night buenas noches GIF